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Neha Naik is a seasoned strategic recruitment consultant and coach, specializing in helping tech companies and startups refine and enhance their hiring practices. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by rapidly growing tech firms, Neha leverages her extensive experience to guide these organizations towards building robust, effective recruitment strategies that not only attract top talent but also ensure their long-term retention and success.


Her approach is grounded in a deep commitment to aligning company goals with employee aspirations, ensuring that every hiring decision supports both immediate needs and strategic vision. Neha’s coaching sessions offer practical, actionable advice tailored to the dynamic, often unpredictable tech landscape. She helps her clients implement process improvements that significantly boost efficiency and effectiveness in hiring, reducing turnover and fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

Through her work, Neha has become a trusted advisor to numerous high-potential startups and established tech companies, known for her ability to transform their recruitment processes and human resources practices. Her goal is not just to fill positions but to create enduring partnerships and teams that drive technological advancement and business success.

Whether addressing the needs of a burgeoning startup or a scale-up tech firm, Neha’s coaching delivers clarity, direction, and results, empowering her clients to master the art of strategic hiring and build the foundation for a thriving, innovative workplace.


Strategic Recruitment Coaching

Enhance your company's hiring effectiveness with our Strategic Recruitment Coaching. This service provides tailored guidance to refine your recruitment strategies, ensuring they align with your business goals and tech industry demands. You'll learn how to attract, evaluate, and secure top talent effectively, turning recruitment into a strategic asset for your company.

Tech Talent Acquisition Workshops

Participate in our Tech Talent Acquisition Workshops to gain hands-on experience and insights into the latest best practices in tech hiring. These interactive sessions are designed to help your recruitment team master the nuances of sourcing, engaging, and retaining tech professionals in a competitive market, ultimately boosting your company's talent acquisition capabilities.


Group Coaching for HR Teams

Our Group Coaching for HR Teams fosters collaborative learning and skill enhancement among HR professionals. This service focuses on group dynamics to improve your team’s strategic HR practices, including effective recruitment, employee engagement, and retention strategies. It's ideal for HR teams looking to elevate their impact and drive organizational success through improved HR operations.

Advanced Recruitment Strategy Seminars

Dive deeper into the intricacies of hiring with our Advanced Recruitment Strategy Seminars. These expert-led sessions explore sophisticated techniques and emerging trends in recruitment that can give your company a competitive edge. Learn to implement cutting-edge strategies that attract and retain the best talent, while aligning recruitment efforts with your overall business strategy.


Hiring Manager Coaching

Empower your hiring managers with the skills and insights needed to excel in the recruitment process through our Hiring Manager Coaching. This service is specifically designed to address common challenges faced by managers who may not have formal training in hiring practices. Participants will learn effective interviewing techniques, how to assess candidate fit beyond technical skills, and strategies to make informed hiring decisions that align with both team dynamics and organizational goals. This coaching aims to transform hiring managers into confident decision-makers, capable of driving the recruitment process with efficiency and precision.





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David Marchman

Head of Talent at Formation Bio

"I enthusiastically recommend Neha as a strategic recruitment coach who consistently delivers outstanding results. Her coaching prowess extends beyond traditional recruiting, offering invaluable guidance on sourcing top talent while strategically aligning hiring needs with organizational goals. Neha's exceptional ability to grasp role intricacies swiftly and provide strategic insights ensures efficient recruitment processes and positive candidate experiences throughout."
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